Margaret Wade

Operations Manager

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Margaret is the Operations Manger at North American Automotive Group, Inc.. She is a graduate of South College where she earned a BS degree in accounting. Margaret is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio

Margaret is a twenty year veteran of the United States Army, and has fourteen years of direct experience in the automotive industry with NAAG.

Margaret is responsible for driving the performance and productivity of operations throughout the NAAG organization. She monitors and manages the efficiency of dealership support functions by NAAG partners, and is constantly striving to enhance the support provided to dealership personnel. Margaret's primary responsibility is to support the sales and marketing activities of NAAG, ensuring that the team is always poised to provide NAAG's trademark exemplarily service. Margaret penned NAAG's "At Your Service" trademark, which exemplifies the NAAG way of doing business.

Margaret and her husband, Dave have two daughters and three grandchildren.

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