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Training & Development

The NAAG Products training team, consisting of experienced F&I professionals, provides customized training programs on multiple levels to accommodate national, regional and local needs. Our expertise in developing training techniques, along with our international OEM experience, allows us to provide the strategies that continuously achieve our clients' profit potential.  

Sales Training

One of the most overlooked opportunities for consistent success is in ongoing training. Most Sales Managers don’t take the time or prioritize training or they just don’t feel confident in doing it. It is one of the best employee retention tools which will reduce turn over.

We bring over 60 years of proven successful experience and knowledge and share a proven, time honored, practical with no high pressure process that will give your team the knowledge that will breed a strong confidence in them to assure their success.

The results have been what some have claimed as “Life changing” and“Defining their careers to a whole new level” by providing an income, sense of accomplishment and happiness never experienced before.

Course Includes:

  • In depth, detailed explanation of all steps of ‘The Road to the Sale”
  • Role playing during each segment
  • Identifying and Overcoming objections
  • Building value in Self, Dealership and products
  • Talking points for introducing ancillary/F&I products
  • Delivery process/Understanding importance of F&I Dept.
  • Negotiating skills/Confident buyers order presentations
  • Phone/Internet skills
  • Follow up/Prospecting tips and processes

F&I Training

Level I. 

Course Who Should Attend Modules Level I.

Foundation of F&I Success New F&I Managers or those needing a refresher

  • Product Knowledge
  • The Menu Presentation
  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Addressing Customer

Level II. 

Effective Menu Presentations New or Veteran F&I Managers

  • The History of F&I
  • Product Knowledge
  • Understanding Financing
  • F&I Compliance
  • Menu Presentations
  • Addressing Customer Concerns
  • F&I Office Administration

Level III.

Maximizing Your Protection F&I Managers with minimum of five years experience in F&I or those who have completed Level II 


  • AFIP Compliance Review
  • AFIP Compliance Exam
  • Psychology of Selling
  • Leasing Today
  • Cultivating Effective Relationships
  • Dealership Funding

 Level II

Re-Certification Those who have previously been certified in Level II and have not been reimbursed for litigation costs

  • Review Existing and New Products
  • Review Current Compliance Issues
  • Review All Components of
  • Level II Certification
  • Complete Menu Presentation
  • Re-Certification Exam

Level III

Re-Certification Those who have previously been certified in Level III and have not been reimbursed for litigation costs

  •  Review AFIP Compliance (every two years)
  • AFIP Compliance Exam (every two years)
  • Review All Components of Level III Certification
  • Re-Certification Exam
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