Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus was founded in 1991 in Daytona Beach, Florida. The primary focus of the business is to provide customer satisfaction programs for retail automotive dealerships across the country. Our first product was The Loyalty Advantage. This product was designed to give the customer added benefits for purchasing their car and to provide customers with incentives to return to the dealership for their service needs. This product continues to be a mainstay of the business today.

As the company grew, Advantage Plus, Inc. began making Customer Satisfaction Calls to customers who visited the dealership as a prospective buyer, buyer, or one who brought their car in for service. The aim of this product is to assist the dealerships in assessing the level of satisfaction from potential new customers as well as customers who purchased from them or have recently visited the dealership for service.

The third product we added was a Customer Relationship Management program. The goal of this product is to provide the dealership an automated tool to enhance their marketing efforts with their customers.

In 2002, Advantage Plus, Inc. was purchased by its current owners and the business was moved to Kennesaw, Georgia where a renewed effort of quality control and efficiency was undertaken. The result of this effort lead to a redesign of The Loyalty Advantage Pack as well as moving the customer satisfaction calls in house to a newly established call center. This move significantly enhanced our agent and dealership satisfaction levels with the company.

Advantage Plus continues to grow and add products based on the industry needs. We now offer “The Service Rewards Program” (SRP) which is designed as a customer loyalty program that benefits both the dealership and the customer. The concept is very similar to a frequent flyer program in the airline industry. The more the customer uses the program the greater the reward. As we continue to develop and adapt to the needs of our dealerships, so does the capability of our unique software program. Our Prepaid Maintenance software allows the dealership the ability to design and self-administer its own prepaid program.

Advantage Plus, Inc. is still a small, family-owned company. We continue to have steady growth and have acquired an agent base scattered throughout the United States. The success of our business plan and our agents has allowed us to build a relationship with over 300 dealers in over 30 states.