Prepaid Maintenance

Your customer's vehicle is an important investment and one that they will want to keep in top working condition both for its long-term use and potential resale. Maintenance performed on a consistent schedule reduces the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns and enhances the value of your customer's vehicle at the time of sale or trade-in. Because these factors are so critically important to long term customer satisfaction, NAAG is pleased to announce the availability of our new Prepaid Maintenance Program.

Our new Prepaid Maintenance Plan reduces the the worry and guesswork for your customers, reduces out-of-pocket expenses and ensures that all items required by the vehicle's manufacturer to maintain coverage under the factory warranty are performed. You can tailor a Prepaid Maintenance Plan to match the unique needs and driving patterns of your customers, enhancing the value you provide to your customers and increasing customer satisfaction with your dealership.

The NAAG Prepaid Maintenance Program allows your to provide a customizedmaintenance program to a consumer at the point of sale, or give the customer anoption to upgrade their vehicle's coverage.

Highlights of the NAAG Prepaid Maintenance Program

  • This is a consumer retention tool designed to help increase service revenue for your dealership
  • Customizable programs - you set reimbursement rates, terms, mileage and service
  • Consumers are not required to pay a deductible
  • Online authorization, verification of coverage and claim submission
  • You as the dealer receive ALL unused benefit amounts
  • Reimbursements occur bi-monthly
  • Dealership promotions are sent as part of the customer reminders

CustomerRelationship Management Tool

The Maintenance program provides a personalized program guide to consumers, mailed within 48 hours, containing a letter that highlights the coverage purchased,plastic key tags and website information. Service reminders are sent based onconsumers' driving habits via text messages or e-mails.

Website Interfaces

The Maintenance program provides website access for your dealership personnel andthe consumer. Dealership access includes information on deliveries, follow-ups,service history and service appointments for the sales department, options tosubmit contracts, service claims and view processing history for the office and service reminders, service claims and "lost souls" for the service department. The optionalloyalty program provides 24/7 contract verification and service claims informationaccessible through the username and password provided in the program guide.