Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Program

NAAG is pleased to offer our Lifetime Engine and Lifetime Powertrain loyalty programs. These are incentive programs designed to entice customers to return to your dealership for vehicle maintenance.

The program is facilitated via a Certificate you provide to all eligible customers. Under the terms of the Certificate, the customer is entitled to mechanical breakdown repairs to specific vehicle components - if the customer has all required maintenance services performed at the dealership's service facility. The dealership's obligation to provide mechanical breakdown repairs is insured by a contractual liability insurance policy.

Program Options

  • Engine coverage with $200, $100 or zero deductible
  • Powertrain coverage with $200, $100 or zero deductible
  • The dealership must choose to issue one variation of the Certificate at the time of Program sign up


Dealerships participating in the program choose a class of customers who are eligible to receive a Certificate. It is important for the dealership to designate a class of customer eligible to receive a Certificate and then issue Certificates consistently. The dealership can change the eligible class of customer as often as it wishes; however, it is important to issue Certificates consistently to eligible customers.

Example Customer Classes

  • Every customer who purchases any vehicle
  • Every customer who purchases a new-vehicle
  • Every customer who purchases a vehicle during a weekend promotion
  • Every customer who purchases a vehicle service contract