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Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance

Consumer Credit Insurance is offered in conjunction with financing of consumer goods purchased through convenient outlets such as banks, credit unions, automobile dealerships and other retail facilities.

Credit Term Life Insurance is purchased in conjunction with a consumer credit transaction, but excludes first mortgage loans. It provides a death benefit to pay off all or part of the credit obligation in the event of an insured's death during the term of coverage.

Coverage Includes:

Decreasing Term Life
Life Insurance designed to pay off the balance due on a loan if the borrower dies before the loan matures.

Level Term
Life Insurance that provides a death benefit that remains the same for the period specified.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Pays a benefit if the insured dies or loses a limb or the sight of one or both eyes as a result of an accident.

Credit Disability Insurance
Insurance purchased in conjunction with a Consumer Credit transaction and provides a monthly benefit while the insured is totally disabled during the term of the coverage.

Features of both Credit Life and Disability:

  • No medical exam requirement; A few underwriting questions may be asked to determine eligibility
  • Age is not a rate factor; Maximum issue ages are 65-70, depending on the state
  • Credit Insurance is generally offered to consumers in amounts that correspond to the loan balance
  • Credit Insurance is financed as part of the loan when there is a fixed term or on a monthly basis if the loan is revolving

Credit Life and Disability Insurance is underwritten by American Heritage Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation.

Programs and coverages may vary by Dealer/Lender/State. Purchasers of Credit Life policies should refer to their certificate/policy for details of the terms and conditions of this coverage.